While a bit late, I'm extremely happy to announce that I have been selected as a speaker for the ConFoo.ca Conference to be held in Montréal at the beginning of March, 2010.

I attended this conference last year when it known as PHPQuébec, and had a fantastic time; the sessions as well as the speakers were excellent, as were the hallway conversations with other conference attendees.

Along with the change in name, the focus of the conference itself has shifted from being PHP-centric to something more language and technology agnostic, with sessions on .NET development, Python tricks & idioms, databases and a host of other topics. The list of sessions and speakers should make any developer worth his salt giddy with anticipation.

The talk I will be presenting is entitled A Web Framework for People Who Hate Frameworks, and focuses on Lithium, one of my most recent endeavours with CakePHP core alumni @nateabele and @gwoo. You can read more about the talk I'll be giving on the session page, and for all those who will not be attending ConFoo 2010 I encourage you to visit #li3 or #li3-core on irc.freenode.net, and ask us why Lithium is making waves in the web framework world.